So my old blog was a jekyll project and to be honestly when I first set it up, I had no clue what I was doing in any sense of the word. I didn’t know anything about handlebars or the syntax. All I really knew at the time was a little bit of erb that I picked up from Rails. Regardless I pushed on and finally got my blog running via Github. I wasn’t really happy with it, stock-ish theme and no real customization.

A few months have passed and I have decided to switch to middleman and do some styling with this blog. I wanted it to be focused on the writing and no so much the site. So I stripped everything away and decided that colors are the most important thing for my blog. So while it’s very simplistic, I think it works for what I want to do and keeping it lightweight for hosting on Github.

Most of the blog didn’t take long, I spent a vast majority of my time figuring out the best way to pass data to change each blog’s colors and have it reflected the category links via frontmatter. I’ll go over it in detail in a later blog entry.