Let's Go to the movies

Live here Please note it does take a minute or two to load us as I’m hosting it on Now.sh as it is a free and quick service for hosting node applications.

This was a small project to solidify two things I learned, 1 animations within React as well as best practices* to consuming 3rd party API data, and displaying it back to the user. Initially this was going to consume weather data but I felt it the app wouldn’t be visual enough to really do anything with it. So I went with movie poster display with a little information on each movie when the user clicked. I was able to build it fairly quickly, but wanted to do animations within React as means of page transition, after some searching on Stack Overflow, I figured React-Overdrive was the best package to use, with that out the way also I decided to learn Styled Components because I had been messing with Vue and really loved the scoped CSS and was looking for ways to do the same with React and everyone suggested Styled Components. It’s not as frictionless as Vue, but it’s soooooo much better than having a separate SASS/CSS file, and still better than making a CSS object and assiging it to the style attribute.

This was also a good and easy way of getting away from .then()/.catch() and moving to async/await which was actually much more simple than I was initially expecting it to be.

That’s all there really is to it honestly.