very simple Grab the app here

The name is cheesy but on my next project I’ll name it something more start-upy (omit some vowels!) While it might be absolutely tiny and kinda pointless unless you really need updates on bitcoin when it reaches a certain price, still…I dig it.

Design wise it’s not my best (if I were to work on the design portion I would never get it done.) I’ve learned much about Electron while creating this. First and foremost Electron’s documentation is great and you can find examples for nearly anything you’re looking for on their page.

I wanted to create this not to be a application developer, but because I enjoy problem solving and wanted to see how far I’ve come with Javascript, how in depth my knowledge is. I’ll admit this project did very little to help me guage that, but I enjoyed the problem solving aspect all the same.

I think I’ll use this project as my muse of sorts in which I periodically will come back to it and make it better, expand the feature set, etc.