Drybbble is an current project that will essentially be a Dribbble clone made with MongoDB/Express/Node.js that generates API endpoints paired with React for the UI (and I will be making a second that uses Vue.js). I have previously recreated Dribbble, calling it Drubbble using Rails 4.2 back in 2016-2017 (I will be updating that to Rails 5 in the second half of Dec when I have free time). Initially I was going to use PostgreSQL because I’m very comfortable with SQL commands, associations, and normalization/denormalization so I decided to instead use MongoDB, which I’ve only used in tutorial and toy app capacity, and I like the challenge…and oh what a challenge it has been!

The backend portion is mostly completed, but you can access the API here

I will do a write up on what I’ve learned so far at a later date.